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Full Version: Bust...or sell?
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Went to Wal-Mart for some food, wanted to see if they had any Hoops just to bust some, and they did. But they also had some discounted blasters. 2010-11 Donruss (2), 2010-11 Threads (2) and 2010-11 Rookies and Stars (1) all for $11.98. Bot the Threads and the Rookies and Stars have Lin cards in them. I see Rookies and Stars going for $20-$35 a blaster not including shipping on some of them. Should I list them, or bust them? If I bust them, there's a GREAT chance I won't pull a Lin of anything. But I could possibly double my money. Thoughts? And I'll be busting the Donruss and Hoops since Donruss doesn't have Lin and I really want to bust some Hoops (only 5 packs).
Bust it all!! Lin prices are on the decline anyway
(03-14-2012, 07:53 PM)robd5811 Wrote: [ -> ]Bust it all!! Lin prices are on the decline anyway
I agree! Good luck on the breaks! Hope you pull something for your PC!
Bust the Donruss and Sell the other 3 as a Lot on Ebay you could still get close to 20 a box on average.. I saw 2 Box lots of Threads selling for $55 bucks not including shipping
Definitely bust the Donruss. Great value for $12. The others are up to you!

EDIT: C'MON bust 'em! We love our box breaks section!! :-D
EDIT: C'MON bust 'em! We love our box breaks section!! :-D

+1 Bust em
Bust them all if you really wanted all the boxes, otherwise sell the Threads and R&S while you can still profit, and bust the rest.
Well, I did end up busting them all. Busted the Threads and Rookies and Stars on my way into work today. (Yes, I know, I'm a bad influence. Don't bust and drive people, lol.) While there wasn't anything major major, I am glad that I busted them. I should be able to recoup my money or close to it. I pulled a GU from each box, got maybe 2 or 3 PC cards, and pulled a Team Threads Home Lin and a Rookies and Stars Lin RC. When I get home tonight after the gym, I'll post all of the results.
Excellent congrats on the bust can't wait to see the scans. I have to confess also on the busting and driving I can never wait to get to where I am going when I buy a box........

I mean

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