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As the title stats
2005 press pass legends holofoil cards #"d 100
2-Curtis Turner
5-Glen Wood
6-Tiny Lund
8-Rex White
12-David Pearson
13-Bobby Allision
22-Rusty Wallace
24-Mark Martin
26-Alan Kulwickie
28-Jeff Gordon
29-Tony Stewart
35-Benny Parson
37-Bobby Allision
40-Dale Earnhardt Sr.
41-Bobby Labontie
43-Jeff Gordon
44-Tony Stewart
45-Matt Kenseth
try this again
I really wish I could help you. If I ever come across any of these, you'll be the 1st to know it.
Thank You
Any new member help?
Finally a 2 card list update
Still can't help you. These Legends holofoils are so hard to capture! I am still trying to get 2 of the '10 Legends JJ base holofoils to complete rainbows. Of the 3 JJ cards in the 2010 set, I have only managed to get 1 of the holofoils. I haven't even come close to finding a Motorsports Masters Holofoil.
GL, friend!
I know ty figured I would try anyway since this board is dead
(06-05-2013, 03:39 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]I know ty figured I would try anyway since this board is dead
It's not really dead. It is just really slow. Things happen in a flurry from time to time, especially when a new release comes out. Then it gets REALLY slow for a bit until the next release.
There are always the random posts from non-NASCAR collectors when they run across some racing stuff from someone else's collection they bought or received after someone passed on, etc.
As for the holofoils, I am having trouble finding them on non-Beckett sites too, no matter what year, brand or set. I am now also trying to find the 2009 PP base holofoils for my JJ PC. Of the 17 JJ cards in the set, I have only acquired 3 so far.
Ty for the info and help spazmatastic
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