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Full Version: Will Wolves make playoffs w/out Rubio?
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Some thoughts.

They still have Adelman, they have a capable replacement guard in Ridnour, and they still have bench depth. Obviously, Love and Pek will have to carry the team from here on out. You guys think it's enough to get them in? The competition in the West is incredible right now. They're on a seven game road trip and this is probably their most important time of the season.

What about the Suns? Loss to the Wolves hurts but they've still been playing quite well as of late.

How about that Biyombo Bismack? Raw but he could become one heck of a player... Chris Kaman thought it'd be funny to kill an actual bobcat since his team was playing the bobcats... Guess who we r playing tonight?! on Twitpic Guess who we r playing tonight?! on Twitpic

What happened to Caron Butler? Dude started out almost 16 ppg, went down to under 13 ppg in February, and now averaging barely 7 ppg shooting under 30%. I honestly did not think missing Billups would change this team so drastically. Teams always do well with him on it...

Celtics should look for a rebounder. That could be the one simple solution to a lot of their problems. They're the worst rebounding team in the league.

Oh and TJ Ford retired. Poor guy. He's basically never been the same again since Horford paralyzed him.
It wil definitely affect ticket sales and pay-per-views. He's an exciting watch.

His scoring isn't his forte so the wolves should be ok on that side, but it may strain the PG position with fatigue issues perhaps showing up for Barea in a few games' time.