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Full Version: Trade deadline this Thursday.
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Curious to hear from some concerning the bigger names in the NBA on possibly being traded by Thursday.

Who do you guys think will go and where to?
Only big name i think is goin is dhoward to nj
Im curious about everyone else but Pao and rondo isnt goin anywhere
I dont think there will be alot of activity. Could be wrong but dramatically shifty your team with 20-25 games to go doesnt make alot of sense for alot of teams. Plenty of teams have proven it takes time to mesh new players together.

Id like to see moves but I just dont think there will be as many as we the fans would hope for.
Monta Ellis might bounce out of GS...
(03-13-2012, 10:01 AM)mickey7mantle7 Wrote: [ -> ]Monta Ellis might bounce out of GS...
I heard about that..but go where??
I heard Monta Ellis to Orlando to help pursuade Howard in staying.
I trust Pau will stay with the Lakers, perhaps not so much because the owners want to keep him, but more to keep Kobe at ease. Once the playoffs are over it might be a different story.

Personally I think they would be crazy to get rid of Pau, especially after they dumped Odom. That hurt the team quite bad, although Bynum is now doing a pretty good job in filling the void.
Not big names but I expect Boris Diaw to be traded somewhere,perhaps NJ.They said on the news today that they would be interested.Diaw is in as big a doghouse here in Charlotte as you could be.Frankly id like to see him sent somewhere.He's weak and rarely plays good when we need him to.I wish we could ship Tyrus Thomas and his awful contract somewhere as well because we dont need to be paying him what hes making for as little as he is producing. Also heard DJ Augustine may be dealt which we should be able to get something for him.
I really think the bobcats need to do something big or bye bye to jordan as a general manager
(03-13-2012, 05:13 PM)southpaugh2002 Wrote: [ -> ]I really think the bobcats need to do something big or bye bye to jordan as a general manager
Everyone knew this year would be a loss. Why would anyone but a diehard think differently. Doesnt matter if they won 30 or 3 it wasnt going to be a hallmark year. And jordan isnt the gm. Hes the owner. Can't get fired from that.

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