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Full Version: My new Rainbow
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Well it was my birthday yesterday and my wife let me pick out my present Smile

Of course I went for a new Gerald Henderson!!! Got it in today and its pretty nice. It helped me finish off my 2nd Henderson Rainbow. This one is of the Limited variety. Enjoy:

Regular AU /299:
[Image: GeraldHendersonLimitedAU.jpg]
Silver Spotlight /25:
[Image: GeraldHendersonLimitedSilverSpotlightPatchAuto.jpg]
Gold Spotlight /10:
[Image: GeraldHendersonLimitedGold.jpg]
Platinum Spotlight /1:
[Image: GeraldHendersonLimitedPlatinum.jpg]

Just need the Jumbo patch auto and I actually have all of the Limited autos, PM me if you got one!
Very Nice
Very nice..
WOW!! A rainbow w/ a 1/1?? Total sickness. Congrats man!
Wow really nice stuff.. what is with all the great gifts? I'm loving it, must be a busy part of the month haha
Wow! You know Im jealous. I went to my org to see if I had the Jumbo, and realized I only had 2 of my many, maybe hundreds of hendersons. Ill have to update that and see if I got that one.
Nice cards man and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.................
Thanks for the comments guys. I have really enjoyed my Henderson collection. What started as a hunch has turned into a massive supercollection. Looking everyday for more and more Smile