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funny how card companies use the same photos for the production of their cards... I can understand if it was an awesome photo of some old HOF player or there are not too many photos out there of that player.. but with today's technology & amount of photographers, video, ect.. hard to imagine current players having the same photo show up on numerous cards from different manufacturers... I can't remember all the cards I've seen, but a jerry west card caught my attention today..

10 years later, same photo is used by a different card maker.. why use the same picture of a different manufacturer when there are tons of pictures of Jerry West.../???

Jerry West - Prestige #150
- UD RETRO 1999-00
That is nothing new. I've got two garnett cards - 1998-99 Fleer #100 and 1998-99 UD choice #85 - that have the exact same photo. It's a photo of Garnett in the middle of a windmill dunk and has kobe behind him with a big smile on his face. I have a feeling it's from the 1998 all-star game.
Alot of the time card companies only use what NBA properties already have rights for and all these other pictures you see on the net are copyrighted by other parties. Card companies instead of trying to strike up new contracts try to keep it simple.