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Full Version: Dang...wifey might kill me!!
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I happened to win (which was unexpected because I hardly do) a BGS 9.5 1997-98 Michael Jordan Topps Rock Stars Refractor # RS1 Die-Cut insert!

I mean yea, sweet card, but dang...totally didn't think I would walk away with that one. The worst part is, I have several other I'm winning!!!

I'm already down 235 on 4 cards! Ugghhh, she's gonna be ticked. Hard to hide it when the $$ comes out of the acct and straight in

Well, if you don't hear from me for awhile, you know why. It was fun chatting with everyone. lol
might be time for you to sell something!
Hang in there.
Money comes money goes!!!! Good luck with dealing with her
Either sell something or sign up for Bill Me Later. Smile
Ha ha I have had a similar situation. When I first got back into collecting cards I think I spent like 500 in one month. Didn't really realize it either. My wife wasn't happy but she got over it ha ha! I suggest roses or something ha ha
Holy separate bank accounts Batman! easier for me though b/c I'm just engaged, not married quite yet. We're ok w/ how the other spends money though. $100 on a couple boxes is analogous to her blowing $170 on a haircut (true life: two weeks ago). Plus she knows I can actually sell some of this stuff (albeit it at a loss in all likelihood) if need-be.

Pitching that to her could certainly help! Or you could just donate that MJ to me, at least I assume it's an MJ you never actually said haha Smile
Damn man lol. I pulled that exact card myself years ago...It was awesome!! Hell it might even be the same card because I sold it a long time ago and it was in perfect condition lol.

I have a 08-09 Michael Jordan Legacy from Upper Deck. If you need it let me know, I'll send it for free to add to your collection.
Hey man if you want to stay out of trouble I will buy the Jordan from you, just LMK......
Awesome buy! I have the same problem with my girl, she hates me spending money on cards. I can't stop though, it is addictive!!! I have spent a lot ever since I got back into collecting. Awesome addition!!
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