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Full Version: Nice scoree off of Craigslist today. Most FT FS
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Bought a pretty big lot of cards off of CL today. The box was loaded with refractors, autos and GU cards (mainly baseball and football). Looking to trade these for Bo Jackson GU/AUTO, Qadry Ismail autos, Yankees GU/autos or other trade bait. Look through my org and I can post scans as needed!

Any Will Clark or Mark Grace stuff in this box? *crossing fingers*
what were some the highlights of what you picked up?
$$$ wise, it was a Johan 2000 Finest Johan Santana refractor that books for $150. My personal favorites would be the Yankees autos out of the 2001 Greats of the game. 2 Bucky Dents, Hank Bauer and Bill Skowron. Had a bunch of cards in the $10-$50 range, figured it would be great for trading and I got to hand pick a few for my PC
No Clark or Grace stuff that I saw
Open offer sent
any david wright or jose reyes or 89 griffey jr rcs