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Full Version: OT: What other hobbies do you partake in?
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We like the Slot Car Racing thing, it is something we do before a race or when we have nothing else to do. We also have a Mark Matin Car.

[Image: th_SlotCar001.jpg]

[Image: th_SlotCar002.jpg]

[Image: th_SlotCar005.jpg]

(03-12-2012, 09:40 AM)pretz6969 Wrote: [ -> ]Will, It needs to be a bottle of Jim Beam for me
I didnt want to look like too big of an alcy Smile
So here in Iowa it has been unseasonably warm. Like two days in a row in the mid-70s. The wife took the kids out of school today from them to spend some time going to the area museums and whatnot since the wife is on Spring Break. So after work I head to a secluded bend in the local river, with no real intention of catching fish, but to shake some rust off from the winter.

I was there like 20 minutes. I was casting along a partially submerged log thinking maybe a bass or small northern might be ambushing. So in those twenty minutes I lose a beetle spiner to the log. Get a call from the Sheriff's Office saying I called 911 and I tell them I'm fishing and must have butt dialed them. Lost another beetle spinner to different part of the log. Then my kids find me and all seclusion is lost.

Why is it that I like to fish again? I think maybe the next time I want to fish the river, I'll just take a walk along the river and be less frustrated.

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