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Full Version: Picked up a few more MJ's from the LCS.
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Figured wy not. The guy was wanting half the high BV for them. I really go a good deal for the UD3 Awesome Action!!

1997 Upper Deck Awesome Action paid 20 for it...

[Image: MichaelJordaninserts43.jpg]

1996-97 Fleer StackHouses's All-Fleer paid 5 for it

[Image: MichaelJordaninserts41.jpg]

and some 1999 UD Ionix 2.50 a pop

[Image: MichaelJordaninserts4.jpg]
[Image: MichaelJordaninserts44.jpg]
[Image: MichaelJordaninserts42.jpg]

didn't see too many other MJ's that I wanted, watching several on the bay though. Probably will get outbid like I usually do.
Nice cards!
Yeah I love that Awesome Action MJ. I have the Grant Hill. bought a box of that product hoping to hit that exact insert, but no luck!

I'll be sending you a PM shortly about our MJ deal!
Nice pick ups, I really like that Fleer.
Thanks for the comments guys! Yea, I figured 40 wasn't bad considering the actual total was around 37. That's the only thing I hate about card shops is they charge tax, but I understand.

I was in Alaska for 3 years and the whole state was tax free! Even the card shops! That was great!
nice awesome action!!!!! i always loved the ud3 sets.
nice base cards