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Full Version: 2012 Topps Tribute - ALL FOR TRADE
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Just busted two boxes. Scans will have to come later. I am looking for Ripken Auto's in return.


Daniel Hudson 21/25
Dustin Ackley 85/99
Mike Minor 95/99
Matt Moore 33/50 - TRADED
Jim Rice 35/99


Curtis Granderson - Position of Power 45/50
Ralph Kiner - Retired Remnants 54/99
Alex Rodriguez - Position of Power 02/49
CC Sabathia - Superstar Swatches - 01/15
Sparky Anderson - World Series 05/10 (RED)
Paul Konerko - Chamionship Material - 81/99

SER #'d Base


Ryan Braun 181/299
Lour Brock 117/299
Johnny Bench 15/299
Hanley Ramirez 227/299
Albert Pujols 025/299
Lou Gehrig 126/299


Roger Maris 082/199
Willie McCovey 155/199
Eddie Murray 005/199


Luis Aparicio 58/65


Ryan Bruan 08/60


Ken Griffey Jr. 15/25 - SOLD

Nice hits, I think, lots of low SER #'d stuff.

Want Ripken Auto's, will consider Zimmerman, Strasburg, Harper stuff as a secondary.

Have base stuff as well but will wait to list once Beckett lists Tribute in their guide.

Forgot to add the Redemption Auto

Forgot to add the redemption Aramis Rameriz for the Cubs
check me for matt moore......thanks
Not seeing much. Really want a Ripken Auto
You realize not everything can bring a Ripken auto. I am betting not one card you pulled will equal value of a Ripken auto. I only point this out cause I wonder how you plan to move these in this case. Surely there is something else you would like. Maybe some better bait to build to a Ripken auto.
ok thanks......
Thanks for the advice...just traded Matt Moore for a Ripken Auto.
well congrats..... on that trade
Thanks man..was from another forum.
Yeah you did.
I guess I got lucky..Matt Moore is a hot commodity.
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