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Full Version: Racing RC question
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You'll have to forgive my ignorance here.... What exactly equates a NASCAR rookie card? Not neccesarily pertaining to parallels, inserts, etc.....but is there a RC for each time a driver enters a series? Is it the first time they drive in one of the top 3 series?

For example, Carl Edwards:

2002- competed in 7 truck series races
2003- fulltime truck driver
2005- fulltime driver in Busch and Cup

OPG shows his RC as a 2003... So was that due to being a fulltime driver in 2003 for the first time, or the fact that he raced his FIRST nascar race the previous guess is that latter, but I'd appreciate it one you can straighten my thoughts out for me...Just ask my wife, I'm not good at that!
It is confusing to me also.

As far as I understand it. RC is usually when they become a fulltime driver for the first time then of course CRC is when they are cup rookies.
Im sure there are exceptions for some though, older drivers and what not.
there is also some confusion in the crc circles now. Press Pass is supposed to be getting with the new beckett racing person so they can be on the same page for the crc.

Rookie cards are a strange thing in racing. Such as danica who was a rookie in indy and now nationwide and soon cup