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Full Version: Looking to trade some cards - scan-heavy
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These are just some of my low-level to high-end cards I would like to trade. I do not have the luxury of maintaining a PC so I am looking to trade lots for cards that are easy to sell for a good price. If you need something, no matter what, just let me or trade, give me time to answer...I will.

[Image: FOR-TRADE-bk-3.jpg]
That Iverson is refracting copier light off the penny sleeve.
[Image: FOR-TRADE-bk-2.jpg]
[Image: FOR-TRADE-bk-1.jpg]
[Image: FOR-TRADE-bk-4.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12_SP-Authentic_Jimmer-Fredette_AUTO_RC.jpg]
[Image: 2004-05_Trilogy_Yao-Ming_AutoFocus.jpg]
[Image: 1997-98_Flair-Showcase-Kidd_1000-FRONT.jpg][Image: 1997-98_Flair-Showcase-Kidd_1000-BACK.jpg]
[Image: Vince_Carter-98-99SPx_Finite_RC.jpg]
[Image: Nenad_Krstic-UDExquisite_Rookie_Patch_Auto.jpg]

....more coming.
[Image: BaronDavis_04-05-UDTrilogy_Trilo3y_Signa...atches.jpg]
[Image: 04-05_UDTrilogyAutoFocusCrystalAuto_RayAllen_04-25.jpg]
[Image: Reggie_Miller-UDExquisite_Extra_Exquisite.jpg]
[Image: Corey_Maggette-UDExquisite_Numbers_Patch_Auto.jpg]
[Image: 0405ExquisiteSignatureShots_JRSmith.jpg]
[Image: 0405ExquisiteNumberPieces_StephonMarbury.jpg]
[Image: Lebron_James-SPx_Winning_Materials.jpg]
[Image: Lebron_James-SPAuthentic_Limited_Essentials-81of100.jpg]
[Image: Lebron_James-SPAuthentic_Finite_Elements_Jersey.jpg]
[Image: 0405SignsofStardom_LebronJames.jpg]
[Image: 0405SignsofStardom_KobeBryant.jpg]
[Image: Julius_Erving-SPSignatures_Autograph.jpg]
[Image: Dwight_Howard-SPSignatures-SignatureRC.jpg]
[Image: Amare_Stoudemaire-UDExquisite_Exquisite_...ements.jpg]
[Image: Michael_Jordan-98-99-SPx_TopFlight_Radiance.jpg]
^ Radiance card is in better shape than the screw-down case I had it in show.
[Image: 0102MJsBack_MichaelJordan_CCD3.jpg]
^ MJ Commemorative is in exquisite shape.
check me for the ray allen
Email reply sent, Southpaugh2002.

(03-07-2012, 11:37 PM)southpaugh2002 Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the ray allen
I like the Maggette and the Ferdette! Check me for both and maybe include the MJ Radiance.
I could use either/both of the MJs. Doubt I have anything comparable at the moment. Got a couple boxes coming in next week though so hopefully I'll hit somethin!
I could use the Vince Carter SPx. Love the Dr. J auto too.
I would be interested in the Jordan Jersey and the Reggie. Looking to get one of the two, maybe both. Please check my bucket, the pc collection. Thanks