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Full Version: Basketball New comer Question
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So, I'm trying to spread my collection out now and add some more great cards to it. I do need a bit of help. I own some early 90's Jordan b-ball and baseball stuff, but want to get some more. My question is what's some good boxes to buy? I would like to get some stuff from 05-06 up. Also be nice to grab a few cool rookies signatures too. Also really like Bird, Magic and all the greats!! I'm a big fan of Upper Deck and prolly will choose one of their products. Just been having the Panini problem and want to try some other brands. Ive been watching video's and stuff but haven't quite got the one I'm gonna start with, so feed back will be great. Wouldn't mind trying some mid 90's Topps either. So feedback would be awesome!!
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For the mid 90's stuff you gotta go with some Fleer Ultra Products. Cool, Colorful and Weird inserts, some rare, some not so rare.
If you go mid to late 90's topps id definitly suggest finest and chrome. Two of my favorite brands of all time for all sports cards.