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I used to collect basketball cards back in early to mid 90s but as life got busy I stopped. Now I have the money I am thinking of starting again but it has been so long that I have no idea of where to start. So I am looking for ideas on what set(s) people would suggest for a beginner , my price range is about $50 a box , any ideas is appreciated.
Welcome back to the hobby. This is a great place to start up again, lots of good contributors to the site.

Last years Donruss is a good start. Some people like the Hoops that was just released last week. Not many boxes stay in that range in this day and age Sad
Smile Welcome to Beckett and welcome back to the hobby. Smile
Welcome back! You will def. find the best deals on-line these days. I don't really have a preference or favorite site but I know some of the other members will give you some ideas. I personally stick with ebay and the marketplace on the site here. Also if you are looking for a team/player/set you might want to try buying single cards or lots instead wax (packs/boxes) to save money.
I would suggest buying singles on ebay over boxes, as you won't find many at the $50 price range. Welcome back to the hobby.
It's always best to buy on the secondary market. People tend to find someone or some team to collect. It's all up to you. Like someone else said, $50 will not get you vary far today, but a start is what you're after. Good luck.
Hello and welcome. Since the days you've collected, prices for wax have at least tripled in price. With that being said, to begin with, I would look around on here (which you have started obviously), other forums, the bay, get a good feel and to also gain some knowledge on what's out there and for how much. I would start off slow by picking up a few singles here and there to get started. Then, slowly work your way up to the higher-end stuff (wax, boxes, cases, etc). Just my opinion. Remember to have fun and good luck!

I just bought a box of the new SP Auth. First box I've bought in a LOOOONNGGG time. Can't wait to get it from Dave and Adam's.
(03-05-2012, 03:14 PM)phxsuns1521 Wrote: [ -> ]I just bought a box of the new SP Auth. First box I've bought in a LOOOONNGGG time. Can't wait to get it from Dave and Adam's.
Good product! Please post your hits once you receive the. How much was that box if u don't mind me asking?

The last box I bought was 2012 Leaf (the Pete Rose stuff). Probably the best 75 bucks I've spent on a box of cards in quite sometime. Every box has a guaranteed hit. I ended up pulling a Black Printing Plate 1/1 inscription auto card! Flipped it on the bay for 130!
2010-11 Donruss is a good product - unfortunately you won't get a complete set out of a box. I've bought two boxes and close to a third box in packs and am still short about 19 cards of the complete set. Have all the subsets complete (including RC's) so go figure. Hoops looks to be good also. Two boxes should get you a complete set.
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