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Full Version: HOF grabs from the wknd
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[Image: E-1934_Goudy_R320_Chick_Hafey_R_.jpg]

[Image: E-1909_T206_Chief_Bender_34_photo_3.jpg]

Nice HOF to add to the collection. There is a pretty good sized crease in the Bender, but overall has great eye appeal.
Great vintage cards - Thanks for the pics.
Nice! Even with the crease the Bender looks great!
(03-05-2012, 07:35 AM)oljey Wrote: [ -> ]Great vintage cards - Thanks for the pics.
oljey, you didn't see my other post? I dont think at least. I picked up a 1939 Ted Williams Exhibit. Its nothing special as I'm sure you know, but I just saw that you are a Williams collector.
Nice scans. Thanks for sharing!

I like that Bender! Very cool!
Nice adds!
Very nice Bender! congrats!
Nice pickups. Congratulations.
Excellent looking bender!
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