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Full Version: 2011-12 Artists Proof? Nba hoops
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I bought a box of 2011-12 nba hoops and was opening packs an ended up with two Artist Proof cards in them. Do you guys have any idea if these are easy to pull or if they hold any extra value? Ive searched online and Cant find any answers, Thanks for the help
Yes, these have more value than the base set and you usually get about 2 in every box.
Oh ok sweet, because the Artist Proof I pulled was Jeremy Lin and no name guy, im curious to see what thier worth once the Beckett pricing comes out
sell that jeremy lin right now, Knicks collectors are going nuts on his stuff
Jeremy Lin? Did I hear that right? Jeremy Lin? Man, congrats and sell that quickly! Smile
I bought 2 boxes and only got 1 proof from each so you got an extra....congrats
I only got one also.
I pulled two out of the box I bought last week... seen another collector pick up 18 packs out of the second box that my LCS had. he pulled two Artist Proofs also.

By the way, if you got a box... go back through the cards & check for "GLOSSY" cards... that is another parallel.. I hate both of them, because they are not serialized... the glossy cards look too much like the regular ones.. hard to tell the difference if you are busting packs too quick...

SALE THAT JERMEY LIN ARTIST'S PROOF... you'd get the most out of it before BV comes out..
sell the lin cause his stuff is sell high rite now
How come some player's 'Artist's Proof' are serial numbered 1/1 on the front, while others aren't? Is there an entire 'Artist's Proof' 1/1 set, in addition to the non-serial numbered 'Artist's Proof'?
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