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Full Version: Today's Trip to the LCS (Limited and 1 Pack CR)
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Was out today doings some running around and stopped in at CNC. Ripped 1 pack of Crown Royale (last pack in the box) and 1 pack of Limited.

Lets start with the pack of Crown Royale

Base: Toews (19) and Cournoyer (107)

and the hit of the pack

2011-12 Crown Royale Heirs To The Throne Materials Autographs #26 James Neal 058/100
[Image: 2011-12CrownRoyaleHeirsToTheThroneMateri...esNeal.jpg]

Now on to the Limited

2011-12 Limited #76 Danny Briere 217/299
[Image: 2011-12Limited76DannyBriere.jpg]

2011-12 Limited #172 Duncan Keith 294/299
[Image: 2011-12Limited172DuncanKeith.jpg]

2011-12 Limited Banner Season #16 Keith Yandle 160/299
[Image: 2011-12LimitedBannerSeason16KeithYandle.jpg]

2011-12 Limited Team Trademarks #11 Rick Nash 155/299 (PC)
[Image: 2011-12LimitedTeamTrademarks11RickNash.jpg]

2011-12 Limited Jumbo Materials #8 Ryan Kesler 14/99
[Image: 2011-12LimitedJumboMaterials8RyanKesler.jpg]

2011-12 Limited Freshmen Jumbo Materials #5 Mika Zibanejad 134/199
[Image: 2011-12LimitedFreshmenJumboMaterials5MikaZibanejad.jpg]

2011-12 Limited Freshmen Jumbo Materials Draft Position Signatures #6 Brett Connolly 66/99 (some damage)
[Image: 2011-12LimitedFreshmenJumboMaterialsDraf...nnolly.jpg]

Overall, disappointed with this pack of Limited but that the gamble of buying high end products. Other than the Nash, all above cards FS / FT (would prefer to sell).

Thanks for the look, Chris
nice hits

i am sorry you couldn't get something better in limited but next time
Nice connolly jersey/sig!