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Full Version: WTTF 2012 Topps 87 Minis, want list>
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I need 2-9, 12-15,18,19,21-28,30,32,35-3941,42,44-46,48,49
I'd like to trade any of my 2012 Topps inserts for them.
Thanks guys!
I have a few, Ill throw them in my Org today or tomorrow and get back to you, I would be looking for any Ozzies that I dont have......which is a crap ton ha
Sunday bump.
I have 4 that you need. and some ripken
(03-04-2012, 09:59 AM)michaelstepper Wrote: [ -> ]I have 4 that you need. and some ripken
Offer sent.
update your list as i have 10 to 15.....not sure who i have
It's current except for 2 pending trades which I'm hoping to finalize today. But that only knocks off 4 cards, so if you have a bunch that I need go ahead and start a trade, look through my org, and we'll go from there. Thanks!
i will send you a list of who i have later after breakfast......its 8:50 am here Smile
Word! My son and I just finished lunch!
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