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Full Version: Nice mail (scans)
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First off I need to thank all the great traders that made this post possible, micber, dragik, gary991979/tyler ,mr2good and everyone else I traded with. Also I want to give a HUGE shoutout to tha penguin for my great new banner and avatar. Thank you Carl for the awesome work.

To start off a few new RCs
[Image: img166.jpg]

Some new random Pens pickups
[Image: img172.jpg]

Super Mario
[Image: img173.jpg]

The Malkman
[Image: img167.jpg]

and Sid the Kid
[Image: img168.jpg]
[Image: img171.jpg]

That's all for now, I have several more trades coming in. If interested in trading check out my upcoming post in the trade forum.

Comments welcomed and appeciated.
Sick cards as always Walt!
Glad you like the graphics brother!!!
Those are some sweet looking cards. Nice pickups.
Those are some great pickups there! Those aids will really enhance your pc! Congrats and thanks for sharing!!
Nice pick ups!!!
great pick ups congrats