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Full Version: More Mail and PC adds
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Got a few more things in the mail today and decided not to wait to show. Just got the last Datsyuk card for Lords of the NHL. Had to get all three, I love the way these cards look. I picked up the Filppula and Lidstrom for just a couple bucks each. I can't pass up a good deal.

Also got a real nice addition to my Howard PC!! Love this card and have more variations from this set on the waySmile.

Thanks for looking!!

[Image: Wings002-4.jpg]
[Image: Wings003-4.jpg]
[Image: Wings004-4.jpg]

And my favorite one today!
[Image: Wings005.jpg]

Nicely done!!!
great pick ups congrats
Thanks for the comments.
I agree, those Lords of the NHL are great.
Wow nice pick ups.
Nice looking collage of Dats. Congrats!!!
Nice pick ups!! Congrats