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Full Version: 5th box of Crown - never change or chase...
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In gambling I have a rule when I play poker, if something is working for you, dont change the way your playing to chase down hands. I do the same in roulette, never chase a number because it hasnt come up yet. Same with a section. If 2nd & 12 isnt hitting, dont chase it, if its not coming up, leave & try another day. Stick with what makes you money. I shoulda followed that rule. The card shop I been getin my great boxes from didnt get any in today and said he doesnt know when he will cause his distributor is out. So I called other card shops and chased down a box. Get to the shop and the box was $110 ($10 more then I usually pay) so I bought that & 3 padded envelopes that were $1.50. He rings it up, total: $120.46. Im like wtf, whys it $120? He's like $9 sales tax. I shoulda walked right there since ive NEVER paid a sales tax on a box of cards at a LCS. Anyway, heres the crap I get for chasing:

-2 Dummy cards in 2 packs -- Never had that b4, off to an incredible start.
-Lords of the NHL non jersey crap card: Martin St. Louis
-Calder Collection non auto crap card: Brett Connolly
-Rookie: Mikko Koskinen (mmm hmmm)
-Ruby: TJ Oshie
-Heirs to the Throne: Devan Dubnyk (theres a winner! lol)
-Calder Collection Auto: Adam Larsson
-Rookie Auto: David Savard (worth bout a whole $1.50 haha)
-Heirs to the Throne: Ryan Nugent Hopkins

While getting a Hopkins was cool, it doesnt really outweigh the rest of the garbage that was in the box. But like I said in my last post, im due for a dud.
Moral of the story, if the routine you normally do thats working (ie: the shop down the street for $100) for you isnt their, dont chase a down a more expensive box at another store. Save the $$$ and wait for the other store to get them back in stock.

Ill post scans later, gotta goto work.
I mean sure we all want big hits, but im not sure i'd call a Larsson auto and a box with a Nuge in it crap, if you saw the 2 boxes that me and jowls busted over here you would have had a heart attack lol.
Ouch sorry nice rhn
OUCH! Its reasons like that is why I'd rather spend the $100 bucks on a practice gamer or toward a Game worn least I know what Im getting.

Sorry...better luck next time!
Damn...LMK if you pulled any Red Wings you will part with.
Not the best, but not as bad as the box I broke today. No Nuge, one RC (non-auto), and the "saving grace" was a Pavelec Private Signings that apparently is not Hockey (according to Beckett's Database)!!! I was happy with my first box, and sore about the other two. Great hit on the Nuge, and tough go for the rest of the box. Better luck next time!

Not all that bad... The Nuge is a saver. Otherwise hopefully this is your dud and you get back to getting it done like the last few boxes!

(03-01-2012, 11:10 PM)timmy5179 Wrote: [ -> ]Not all that bad... The Nuge is a saver. Otherwise hopefully this is your dud and you get back to getting it done like the last few boxes!
I honestly wouldnt even mind a string of duds, if the duds themselves were Sharks cards. I havnt pulled a single sharks auto, jersey, insert or parallel. Ive only pulled 2 sharks base cards as well. Pavelski & LOGAN!.. I think im done buying boxes until the card show on the 17th
Hopkins and Larsson...silver lining my friend, silver lining.
nice hits

and there is a few places that charges tax on singles... come on now too bad i would love to pay for cards.... at least i pay in pennies for cards from him

1 lcs will charge tax if you use a CC but if cash, no tax (which is what I like)