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Full Version: Three 1/1 in One Day - I Love the Postal Worker
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After a tough day at work, what a great couple of packages to come home to. Three, count them, three 1/1 cards for my collections; Ron Hextall and two Bernie Parent cards. The Gilles Meloche swatch reminds me that he was the goalie in the first hockey game I saw in person. That was back in the day when the Oakland Seals were around.

2009-10 In The Game Superlative Famous Fabrics Number 1/1 (I now have 63 1/1 Hextall cards)
[Image: 2009-10InTheGameSuperlativeFamousFabricsNumber1-1.jpg]

2011-12 In The Game Ultimate Memorabilia Ultimate Pad 1/1 (This is one sick card in my view)
[Image: 2011-12InTheGameUltimateMemorabiliaUltimatePad1-1.jpg]

2011-12 In The Game Ultimate Memorabilia Goalies Generation – Gold 1/1 (Parent yes, Meloche yes, Billy Smith drop dead...)
[Image: 2011-12InTheGameUltimateMemorabiliaGoali...old1-1.jpg]

I'm thinking I might start a Gilles Meloche collection. A decent goalie that usually played on not so hot teams. I have about 20 of his 84 cards already.
Nice Mailday...!! Great to see the Penguins Goaltending coach in a Flyer Collectors PC!! Big Grin
Meloche will always be a Oakland Seal/California Golden Seal in my collection. None of that Cleveland, Minnesota or...Pittsburgh stuff...
Awesome cards. How do you trackdown all those 1/1? Very impressive.
Those are insane!!! Congrats! That Number is unreal, but that Pad... FRICK!!! I actually yelled out "Geeze!" when I saw it! Congrats again!

That Parent pad is super SICK!!!!! Congrats on all the 1/1s.
so THAT'S what Flyers goaltending looks like. i get it now! lol, great pickups!
Absolutely nasty! Congrats!