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Full Version: Last pack rule 11-12 Pinnacle
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My LCS was out of crown, and pretty much out of everything hockey. He only had 2 packs of pinnacle left so I bought them. One question, why doesnt pinnacle use dummy cards? As soon as he gave me the 2 packs, I knew one was a fat jersey card, the one pack was WAY fatter then the other...

Anyway it was a Chara city lights Prime #/25...
Nothing out of this world, but a nice cheap pickup
Sweet chara
Solid pull, let me know if I've got anything you'd want for it.
(02-29-2012, 05:33 PM)bruinsfan08 Wrote: [ -> ]Solid pull, let me know if I've got anything you'd want for it.
Your going to have to direct me to your trade list, s im quite retarded when if comes to finding where people have their cards listed haha
The link in my signature leads to scans of all of my game used, autographed, parallel/insert and most RC traders.

If you just want a list, you can click on my username, then click "View Beckett Profile" And on the left hand list, click "Trade With Me" and you can browse by category/team/etc. there.
Man, that Couture all the kings men is boner worthy. what would it take for that??
That one's on hold for a similar patch of a PC player. Hoping to land a nice Neely or Ovechkin patch for it. Maybe not even as low numbered, but definitely patchy.
its definately an odd patch, not to many logos have little projectiles on them that a company happens to make a perfact patch of.
Pretty sure that's the team logo from the shoulder patch where the splinters of stick are being bitten off by the shark. It's a sweet patch.
Very nice hit! Congrats on the Last Pack Rule coming into effect for you!

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