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Full Version: 4th box of Crown Royale -- Stop the madness PLEASE!!
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Just got off work and broke my 4th box of Crown... My previous 3 have been killer boxes getting a silhouette signature in each one of them and some nice jerseys. I have yet to pull a patch.. Heres the hits for my 4th box:

[Image: crownbox4.jpg]

Nice, another rookie redemption card! I didnt think these were that common? Although this one is just an auto, no jersey or patch, and I dont know who Matt Frattin is, but I didnt know who Aaron Palushaj was eaither and he netted me $50 selling that card. I love these boxes. Kane & Giroux jersey too!!

Oh yea, I also got this guy in the box:

[Image: crownovech1frnt.jpg]
[Image: crownovech1back.jpg]

Ovechkin black auto 1/1!! Sweet... Im thinking of the 2 cases of crown my LCS has gotten in, that ive pulled both case hits outa the 4 boxes ive bought
That Olvie will get you a pretty penny also Wink
I think ima buy a lotto ticket if I pull a Hodgson or Landeskog silhouette redepmt in the next box I buy. I definately overdue for a dud box...
Nice ovie
Well, so much for the chances of pulling that one for the PC, haha. I just bought two boxes this morning too, and will be breaking them tonight.
shoot me an offer
I wouldn't know where to start, haha. I haven't got the PayPal to pull in something that sweet, and the I don't know if the bait I've got would do the trick. Still, you never know. I've got a nice Pens/Ovi triple patch from The Cup, #/10 if you're interested.
Any scans??
Wow! Simply amazing! That Ovie is SICK! Congrats!

(02-29-2012, 03:33 PM)irbecards32 Wrote: [ -> ]Any scans??

[Image: 09-10TheCupTriosPatch-CrosbyOvechkinMalkin.jpg]

The Ovi "patch" is actually a piece of his fight strap. Truthfully, I love this card, but don't like so many multi-player cards in my player PC's, so I usually try to swap them out for solo cards.
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