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Full Version: Auto'd Helmet and a few packs
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My girlfriend at the time won an autographed (by the whole Colorado team) street hockey helmet off the bay last Christmas, and I have just had it stored away in a box because I had no way of displaying it.

I asked for a display case for Christmas this year and my parents came through and bought me one, but when I opened it there was a crack in it. I finally got the replacement today and here are two pictures!

[Image: 417615_541605588923_302200077_605956_2079386189_n.jpg]
[Image: 395305_541605369363_302200077_605955_2027145872_n.jpg]

I took them with my phone to show a few friends so I decided to upload here as well.

While I was at the LCS I bought three packs of 10-11 Pinnacle and three packs of 11-12 Black Diamond.

Pinnacle was all base except for..

203 - Tyler Seguin RC
220 - Evan Brophey RC
208 - Nino Niederreiter Rink Collection

Black Diamond was all base and...
Double Diamond
107 - Phil Kessel
145 - Jonathon Quick

Triple Diamond - Pavel Datsyuk

All will be marked FT very soon. Also have a lot of 101-1 Pinnacle from other packs/boxes if you're trying for the set.

Thoughts about the helmet? I think it's pretty frickin sweet! I have an auto puck of Yip in a display case as well.
Awesome mask, and not too bad with the couple of packs.
That mask is sick! Congrats on the HUGE add to the Colorado PC!

The mask is AWESOME!!!! How many autos are on it. Very, very impressive. Congrats!!!
Thanks guys. I've actually never counted the total amount of autographs, but by looking at pictures I'd say a minimum of 18. Maybe I'll give em a count after work
Sweet addition
That mask makes me instantly jealous. Congrats on an awesome piece.
Nice helmet Smile

Since you asked...
2010-11 Pinnacle
====,258,264,265,268,=== have any?
very very nice my friend
great looking mask with he sig's
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