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Full Version: 11/12 Panini Crown Royale break (pics).. biggest hit of my collecting life
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Devante Smith-Pelley Rookie Royalty Signatures Redemption
Mikhail Grabokvski - 89 Red
Harri Sateri - 135 RC

and the hits...
[Image: 34e3qzq.jpg]

and finally

[Image: e88kew.jpg] [Image: 152jed2.jpg]

Dany Heatley black 1/1. My first 1/1 pull ever.

Very nice! I've yet to pull a 1/1, but that's probably because I don't open very many boxes Smile
Solid. Gotta love a 1/1 pull, they don't come very often. I've pulled three ever. Nice card too, congrats!
Wow nice pull.....I think the only "1/1" I've pulled has been 2 or 3 plates....but then again I don't really consider those true 1/1s as there are technically 4 of them lol. Great break though!...quite possibly one of Heatley's first 1/1 autographs in Wild uniform.
Sick Heater!

Id like a shot at that. Get at me.
Sick #"d 1/1
Nice Heatley!! I got a RED & Base Heater today in my box if you want them (we can do a lil trade) to form a nice li rainbow
Awesome break! That Heatley is SWEET!!!

Wow nice pull!
congrats on your 1/1 pull!!

some nice hits in that box congrats