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Full Version: Tyler's Mail Week
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Well like I have said before in other posts my son Tyler (age 7) loves to see everyone's threads with mail days. So he was bugging me since last week to make one for him.

This is his mail week from Feb. 21 to Feb. 28.

95% came from trades and the others are from his tin breaks.

Not included in the scans are the 40 Base cards that arrived also.

And I know what most of you will say


Enjoy the show

and the Skinner will be for trade for CUP.

[Image: File3.jpg]

[Image: File2.jpg]

[Image: File1.jpg]

[Image: File.jpg]


[Image: File4.jpg]
Don't adopt me, just call my dad and let him know how deprived I was as a child, hahaha!
Those are some serious, serious pick-ups for certain. I see why my Sedin didn't make the cut!

WOW!!! Just simply WOW!!! Tyler has got quite a collection going there. Super sweet additions and CONGRATS!!!!
IN-CRED-I-BLE!!! A HUGE congrats to you, Tyler! Great stuff... and I have more on the way for you!

Awesome stuff Tyler. Wish I had a Dad that splurged like that on my collection lol. Gary thanks for the extra cards you sent me.
Awesome collection Tyler, great pick ups!
I'd say young Tyler is off to a good start, haha...
My hat is off to you buddy... when I was your age it was nuthin but Pro Set, Score and Upper Deck... lol
I just made 2 BLOCKBUSTER trades

with about $3500 BV so stay tuned
Excellent mail week. I am jealous.
What a collection he's going to have. Those CUP cards are pretty sweet. In effort to get the cup cards to you for cards i needed, i fell in love with them. If only i could afford them, they are super sweet .Smile
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