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Full Version: WTB Lebron James Kobe Bryant RC's
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Please bring me all you have, also have a price in mind.

Check out my Org, it has all the Kobe and LeBron cards I have. PM sent.
I have an Kobe Upper Deck rc. Not sure if you already have it or not. I'm willing
To part with it. It's in great shape, and I would get one of his auto's or a Jordan auto. So, if your interested let me know, my scanner is broke right now but I can send you a picture threw my phone or I can go to a scanner if you really would like.

hey man i have a ? too ask ya bub why are you getting rid of your wade card do you have doubles of em or somthing just wondering
Are you asking me that haha I dont have a wade card. I have a Kobe Bryant Upper Deck rookie card. Thats why I responded to your post. Idk if you were talking to me or not. No hamr if not though good luck man.
Kobe Chrome RC BGS 9? My thread is around here somewhere with price/scan.
I have a Kobe metal rc and a Lebron Matrix mini and a Lebron matrix triple card. I would want half BV for all.
Ive got 8 kobe bryant rookie cards
all 96.....
skybox z force
upper deck collectors
fleer ultra
upper deck
topps chrome nba 50
topps x3
let me know ill sell all pretty cheap. also got alot more rookies.
This is kind of an old thread, but I'm still looking.
1996-97 SP #134 Kobe Bryant RC

Any interest in this one?
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