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Full Version: Slightly OT: Why I love Twitter
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I have recently joined the Twitter nation - not to tweet anything (can't imagine anyone cares what I have to say), but to follow NASCAR drivers.

Seems like these guys are a lot more personable and "loose" on their Twitter accounts than in interviews. You really get a feel for them as people, and get some pretty good insights into their NASCAR lifestyles.

BK and Kyle Busch are very active on their accounts, Jeff Gordon's is boring and seems more like an advertisement than personal thoughts.

BK and Kyle will just talk about whatever they feel like (NASCAR or not), and will often post pictures of what they are doing (playing video games, hanging out in the motorhome, etc.)

I also follow Kyle's wife (she does a lot of giveaways of his stuff, and tweets during the race a lot of what is going on). and heard first from her this morning about the rain at Daytona.

You often will get unedited comments on things that happened in the race, and it is fun to send a message to them and see if they respond - they do that a lot.

The funniest part is when they tweet something immediately after a wreck or something - must have their Cell phones handy as soon as they get to the garage.

Carl does not have Twitter account yet, and I still need to find some more drivers, but definitely like the ones that are active and personable.

Does anyone else do this, and do you have any Twitter @ names to share.

I just added Denny Hamlin and Danica Patrick.

Another tip is that if you attend a race, make sure you have twitter on your phone. You can keep track of who is where, if they are signing or doing interviews in booths...Great way to follow the action up close and personal. I know at the time of last year's Brickyard, a lot of drivers and teams had PR accounts in addition to the actual driver twitter accounts.
Not doing it yet but I do plan to. Regan Smith gave his out yesterday it's Regan_Smith_ I think. Can't wait to watch this race tonight! I had the day off anyway so I turned the tv on at 12:30 and no race. lol
(02-27-2012, 02:22 PM)minitracer Wrote: [ -> ]Not doing it yet but I do plan to. Regan Smith gave his out yesterday it's Regan_Smith_ I think. Can't wait to watch this race tonight! I had the day off anyway so I turned the tv on at 12:30 and no race. lol

I love NASCAR. I think there is just a lot to love about the sport from the vibrant colors, the colorful personalities of the drivers crewchiefs and commentators, the feeling of an all star event every week with all the top drivers...but I don't watch every week. I love Speedweeks, go to the Brickyard, and maybe watch a handful of races throughout the year.

Truth be told, much like football in my opinion, if races were all under the lights, I might find a reason to watch every race. Just something special about racing at night!
I follow alot of them. Only reason I really use twitter.
I don't do Twitter AT ALL, but it would have been entertaining to read during tonights race! Big Grin
I just don't have time for the 'social media' sites! I made a MySpace page years ago and about a month later Facebook showed up. Then came Twitter. I don't even mess with my MySpace page, except MAYBE once every few months, I surely didn't see a need for Facebook and/or Twitter. It really bugs me that everything I am interested in wants to try to force me into using one or both of those sites. Sorry to rant but it is just my opinion on the top social media sites. I just don't care enough (or have enough time) to bother with using those sites. I barely even take the time to check my email on a weekly basis!
Yeah, Regan Smith gave away his race used firesuit on Twitter Sunday during the rain delay. I was following him and a few other drivers. Mark Martin tweeted that they actually make a pocket in the firesuit specifically for the driver to put their phone during the race. Brad K even uploaded pictures of the jet dryer explosion from his card as it was going down while they were stopped on the track and was posting pictures of some of the drivers as they chatted it up on the side of the track while they were waiting for the race to resume. It was pretty fun following some of them during the race Monday.
From - a list of Twitter addresses for some of the drivers:

AJ Allmendinger @AJDinger
Marcos Ambrose @MarcosAmbrose
Trevor Bayne @Tbayne21
Greg Biffle @gbiffle
Jeff Burton @RCR31JeffBurton
Kurt Busch @KurtBusch
Kyle Busch @Kyle Busch
Landon Cassill @landoncassill
David Gilliland @DGilliland2010
Jeff Gordon @JeffGordonWeb
Robby Gordon @RobbyGordon
Denny Hamlin @dennyhamlin
Kevin Harvick @KevinHarvick
Jimmie Johnson @JimmieJohnson
Kasey Kahne @kaseykahne
Matt Kenseth @mattkenseth
Brad Keselowski @keselowski
Bobby Labonte @Bobby_Labonte
Joey Logano @Jlogano
Mark Martin @55MarkMartin
M. McDowell @Mc_Driver
Jamie McMurray @jamiemcmurray
Casey Mears @CJMearsGang
Juan Montoya @jpmontoya
Joe Nemechek @FrontRowJoe87
Ryan Newman @RyanNewman39
Danica Patrick @DanicaPatrick
David Ragan @David_Ragan
David Reutimann @DavidReutimann
Regan Smith @Regan_Smith_
Martin Truex Jr. @MartinTruexJr56
Michael Waltrip @mw55
J.J. Yeley @jjyeley1