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Full Version: VHTG Jordan/LeBron Dual Auto /50 FOR Mickey Mantle
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I might be holding this till the NBA playoffs start, but just seeing what Mickey Mantle stuff is out there. If vintage, cards must be graded and grading slab must be in good condition with no scratches etc.

[Image: img241.jpg]
I am submitting a '61 Mantle this Friday in a group submission for 20 day service, that I think would fetch a grade that will make it worth this dual auto you are offering. I will PM in a month or so to check and see if you have moved it yet.

I am interested and I am pretty sure I will get the grade on the mantle or I wouldn't have waisted my time posting. I am the one paying a putting this submission together as I have done once a year for a while now. Friday is when I am due to recieve the rest of the groups cards.
Very hard to get?
what kind of sell value are thinking in mantles? I have 4-5 62-64 various grades