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Full Version: FUN box of Contenders!
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Yup, I'm still buying this product. I've had quite a bit of luck with it - 7 boxes have resulted in 3 Eberles and 1 Hall. My first box was memorable because of an awesome Cheevers autograph, and I also opened a box that had an Eberle auto (5th auto of the box!) and a 1/1 plate in the final 2 packs. The last box featured a redemption for the elusive Paajarvi /99 rookie ticket. This latest box was entertaining as hell!

First, some numbered inserts: McRae Rookie Ticket 20/100 (love getting rookie tickets as the numbered parallel!), and Henrik Sedin 46/50.

[Image: MCRAE.jpg][Image: SEDINCON.jpg]

Next, my three autographs. Scored an autograph I needed for my set (Ekman-Larsson) and now I'm 7 away!

[Image: ROOKIEAUTOS.jpg]

That means one more autgraph. It was this beauty, which I'm seriously considering adding to the PC as an upgrade in subsection "Legends Autographs" - Numbered 30/50

[Image: MIKITA.jpg]

So that was that, until this fella came along. This was pretty I mentioned above, I did pull a printing plate, and that was a first, but I've never pulled a true parallel 1/1 in a set, ever before. So here she is:

[Image: MILLERFRONT.jpg][Image: MILLERBACK.jpg]

Not the best box dollar-for-dollar, but easily my favorite Contenders break so far. It ensures I'm going back for more. Great fun!
Nice break! I ended up getting several boxes of Contenders too, it was usually a really entertaining break. Let me know which RC autos you need to finish the set, I pulled a bunch, but never started the set, so they're all available.
Sick mikita
sweet Stan and Miller time!
Wow! Great box! Do you happen to have any Leather Larceny FT? I am trying to complete the base set.
youre keeping the magnus i presume? and did you still have an extra eberle? i need him too Sad
Yeah, Magnus is for my set. I actually said the words out loud before going into the box - "Boy, I can sure use that Jarvi outta 99!" Actually said the words!

PC Set Eberle and PC solo Eberle. Third Eberle was sold many moons ago Sad
I usually send out interesting inserts like LL to auction buyers as a bonus... but I have Gustavsson kicking around. I'll send him to you for free.
Very nice box there! Congrats! That Mikita is stunning, and the Miller is amazing!

That's a sick Miller pull!