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Full Version: Press Pass memoribilia- certified/authentic?
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I'm wondering if any of the memoribilia in the Press Pass product line is certified? There seemed to have been a pretty big scandle in the baseball and football world with "game used" memoriblia. Do any of you know? I'm really intriegued by the various pieces in racing, gloves, pit signs, sheet metal. Would be even better if I had some certainty that it is real?
Considering there aren't any other card companies out there that can make Nascar cards, I think that the memorabilia that Press Pass obtains is authentic. I don't think I've ever once seen Press Pass's authenticity come into question.
That's good to know and I appreciate your comment.
I totally agree with slufan! PP has not had any accusations of false MEM's or AU's. PP releasing ONLY on-card AU's also helps their case. I fully trust Press Pass and the cards they release.
PLUS, their Customer Service would beat down anything that Topps/Panini/UD can offer in CS. Just for a quick example, PP's redemptions take WAY less time than any of the other 3 companies I listed. I have never heard of a PP redemption taking more than a month or two to redeem, but ALL of the other companies have MANY redemptions that have been sitting there for well over a year or more!
Press Pass is a great company and they are dedicated to pleasing their customers. I can't say the same for the other three major card companies!!!
Thought I would share this...Actually got an e-mail back from Press Pass:

Yes all memorabilia is specific to the driver and race-used or
I have never had any issues with Press Pass infact on my first case all the hits were there but whole lot of duplicates and they took care of it in a matter of days unlike the big three ( i have some of those redemptions that will probably never be filled) who 1. don't return calls. 2. never seem to answer the phone. 3. wait until H*ll freezes over than try to send some common ,worthless card(s) and act like your lucky to get any thing. . that said its hard to fake a tire or sheet metal , and why would they I have a Mark Martin fender that if cut up would probably produce 5,000 pieces of sheet metal and most of the time you can find a picture of the drivers suit and actually match the patch or piece to, as for customer service they ( the big 3 ) would need to have it first to actually compare it to Press Pass, Hey Spazmatastic I'm ready for our trade but lets do it on the other the showcase martin in a top loader ready to go