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Full Version: OT: Really?????
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Someone has been puffin on that wacky weed.
Saw that auction. Insane.
It's numbered to his jersey number (ebay 1/1!!!!!1!!1oneone!ROFLCOPTER), apparently none has graded BGS 10 so it's (one of) the highest grade copy available (although this seems to be before BGS graded autos as well because the bottom of the auto being cut off on the sticker would hurt that grade) and apparently the basketball collecting community is a lot more tolerant towards Rookie-year Parallels vs True Rookie.

These are the only reasons i can think of that would explain those numbers...
Wow! That is insane! All for a three-week long phenomenon! Haha! They'll be regretting that purchase in a few months... or hours!

[Image: Pukee.gif]
That is LIN-sanity to the fullest.
if there is something that has pride in it folks will

well look at Pacquiao collectors, folks buy some crazy high prices for autos of him in Champs baseball (I think that was the product)

a few of my collecting buddies found all the Lin cards they dig up and moved them right now (for wax money)
They must have lost their reading glasses and thought it was $21.58
LMFAO @ the Jim Carrey post...
If Ron Hextall came back to play, got that hot, I would sell a card of him for that kind of change.