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Full Version: My first racing cards... *updated 2/28* scans
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I was "this" close to dropping some coin on a box of the new Press Pass Memoribilia, but at the last moment decided that I should jump start my racing collection with a few of my favorite driver: Carl Edwards. I used to collect baseball cards as a kid (now 29 years old...probably stopped in 1995), and recently sort of jumped back in with my 7 year old son. It's been a blast. I'm only holding on to about a dozen cards, the rest are going to my son (including several autos and game used/mems). But as a NASCAR fan, I fear Speed Weeks has taken it's toll on me. This stuff should be here Monday:

2009 Press Pass Autographs Silver #17 Carl Edwards

2006 Press Pass Burnouts #HT7 Carl Edwards

2010 Press Pass Legends Prominent Pieces Holofoil #PPCE Carl Edwards

Should make a nice addition to my small, but meaningful collection.
I'll scan pix when they arrive.

Congrats on the pickups!!
(02-23-2012, 06:23 PM)pretz6969 Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats on the pickups!!

Sent you a trade, LMK if you need it.
Thanks to the great 48 for hitting me up for a trade already. LOVE IT! Quick question for you guys: As I am completely new to the racing side of card collecting, if you were going to pick up a box of racing cards a couple of times a year, what box/set would you go with? I assume I'll be spending $100-$150 for the higher end Press Pass boxes...Just wondering what you guys enjoy. Thanks again.
Im not much on buying boxes esp higher end stuff like Showcase.
But DAC had a 3 box lot of Eclipse, Stealth & Premium all hobby from 2011 for less than $140.
And it gives you quite a few hit plus different stuff not just 1 box.
And theres TM thats out right now going for $100-110 a box...
Let us know what you get!
Nice cards - DAC has racing hobby boxes on clearance sale, some really good deals. Good to see you on the racing boards!!!
Nice Cards If you ever get some Hamlins let me know
Wow. My Prominent Pieces came in the mail today. It is my favorite sports card, and by a long shot. Really cool product...I need to get some thicker magnetic holders though. I'm officially hooked.
(02-24-2012, 02:27 PM)ryancholden Wrote: [ -> ]Wow. My Prominent Pieces came in the mail today. It is my favorite sports card, and by a long shot. Really cool product...I need to get some thicker magnetic holders though. I'm officially hooked.
Yeah, those are always nice! Usually one of the pieces are a different color.
I dont know why but I hate the one touch holders. I just buy a small box of thick toploaders and I always need another down the road so its not like a waste to buy a whole box...
Congrats on the pickups, Ryan. The 2010 Prominent Pieces are my favorite Legends design, so I'd love to see yours (along with the other pickups)!
As for buying boxes, I personally prefer doing that instead of singles. I can usually pull enough goodies to trade for the goodies I want of my fav. drivers. That tends to make it worth the wait for me.
Also, if you go to Press Pass' website, you can sign up for their newsletter. They don't send junk mail and you always have the info on the newest release dates for every NASCAR product (and any other releases they have). As for myself, I rarely buy a box until it has been out for at least 4-6 months. The prices usually drop a bit each month after the release. BUT, if you wait much longer, the price usually starts to climb back up as the supply becomes more limited!
The only exception to waiting on price drops that I have made in the past few years was the 2011 Fanfare release. That was the 1st product I have EVER pre-ordered (and I have been collecting cards in many sports for a couple dozen years now)! I was fairly pleased with the box and even more pleased after I traded 6 of the 9 'hits' for PC cards. Two of the cards were already PC cards and I have been holding on to the 3rd one, but may have someone trading me an equal PC card and some extras to pick it up for their Master Set.
I can't wait for this years Fanfare release! I also like 'Eclipse' and 'PP Premium', but they depend on the designs. If you want more info on NASCAR trading cards, feel free to ask us. This MB isn't as busy as some are, but there is plenty of knowledge about the racing collectibles industry to be found here! All you have to do is ask.

As for the one-touch holders, I don't usually buy or use them for trading/storing/displaying cards.
I bought a 25-pack box of the extra-thick magnetic ones, and they are great for storing the extra thick MEM cards (like the 2010 Prom. Pieces cards). They do cost more than $1 each, but I still have half of mine that are un-used. I have used a few to ship some high value cards that I traded just to make sure they are well-protected if that was the only card I was shipping, but some of them were used to display my thicker cards. All of those displayed cards are nowhere near direct sunlight b/c the cases aren't UV-protected. Some one-touch magnetic holders are not UV-protected which can cause fading and other problems if the sun hits them for any amount of time.
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