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Full Version: Big thanks to Jerseygirl!
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For trading me this major addition to the Dominion Datsyuk PC.

/10 exchange!
[Image: datsyukdominionchampgear-10.jpg]

also snagged this off the bay for $20...
[Image: datsyukdominionsapphirebase-10.jpg]

Sweet additions Nate!!! The patch on the Championship Great is really nice. Congrats!!!
Nate! AWESOME Patch on that Datsyuk! Id like to see the Pens Pick him up!!! Hes a great player!
very nice, congrats!
amazing congrats

and kudos to Jerseygirl
Awesome to see these kinds of threads.
Awesome pick ups man. I have a few more of him heading my way soon too.

If I ever see him in a Penguins uniform I'll be sick!!
Congrats on the amazing pick-ups, Nate! That patch is sick! I love reading about fantastic trades like this!

Sick card for sure! Ilana is one of the best traders hands down Big Grin
Great pick ups, congrats.
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