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Full Version: Lil' 1/1 RC PC Mailday
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Got this little "Rookie Gem" in todays mail for the Vitale PC:

[Image: 02_22_120001.jpg]
[Image: 02_22_120002.jpg]

Just missing the /10 Gold.....

Hopefully the member who has one can work a deal out with me so I can complete the Black Diamond rainbow and knock another one off the Vitale PC want list. Big Grin
Amazing add! Congrats! Where in the world do you find these insanely hard-to-find cards? I have ZERO 1/1 Halak's (only 1-#/10!!! and nothing below), and have an incredibly hard time tracking down his BAP RC /99!!! And it's only worth $30!!! You either need to give me some tips, or you need to start looking for me! Haha!

Congrats Hugh!!! Another wonderful pickup. Good luck with the Gold /10 to complete the rainbow.
Sick #"d 1/1
1/1, so sweet to land them.
congrats on getting the 1/1