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Full Version: TALBOT CAME TO MY HOUSE!!! (Plus 2 Rainbows!)
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First off some new pickups:

Limited Jumbo materials Letestu /99 (finishes off the Swatch Rainbow)
[Image: 02_21_120002.jpg]

Limited Phenoms Gold Spotlight Vitale 03/10
[Image: 02_21_120001.jpg]

Here they are in the Rainbows:

Letestu 11-12 Limited Jumbo Materials /99

[Image: 02_13_120002.jpg]
[Image: 02_21_120002.jpg]
[Image: 02_18_120001.jpg]

VITALE 11-12 Limited Phonoms

[Image: 01_26_120002.jpg]
[Image: 02_06_120002.jpg]
[Image: 02_21_120001.jpg]
[Image: 02_13_120001.jpg]
I came home from shift and found MAX TALBOT waiting for me at my house!! Of course being a huge fan of his, I was pretty excited…..
Stanley Cup Finals CUSTOM Maxime Talbot McFarlane
[Image: IMG_2317.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2325.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2318.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2319.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2322.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2315.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2323.jpg]

I picked this up from a collector on another board who gave me a steal of a price. I have been wanting one to add to the Talbot PC….and Now I have one…….the next step is to get Max to sign the stand.

Thanks for the looks….comments always welcomed and appreciated!
Sweet stuff congrats
Sweet looking McFarlane. If you need it signed I think Max will be doing a local show.
Haha... sick custom, looks like a lumberjack!
That Rainbow is awesome, and the McFarlane is SICK! The guy did a great job on that bad-boy!!! Congrats on the great pick-up... and cheesy, lead-on title! Hahahahaha!

Love the Talbot. By the way, it's weird how Vitale signed basically the same card 4 different ways.
(02-22-2012, 01:56 PM)azicet Wrote: [ -> ]Love the Talbot. By the way, it's weird how Vitale signed basically the same card 4 different ways.
Im guessing its after signing so many....try signing 359 signature would change as well.
Beautiful rainbows Hugh!!! The Talbot custom is AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!!
Great stuff as usual.
wow very nice!!!!!!

the macfarlane is amazing