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Full Version: WANT: Matt Moore, Teheran, Cole, Taillon, Bauer, Hosmer
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Looking to pic up some refractors or Auto's of these guys


Check the org if ya can

Here's some oldies 1969
[Image: Pete.jpg]
[Image: Mays.jpg]
[Image: Willie.jpg]
[Image: Clemente.jpg]
no one????
I have a Hosmer refractor in 2011 Topps Chrome.
I have these:
[Image: Moore.jpg]
If interested, make and offer and we'll go from there.
pm sent thanks!!!
I have a Taillon Platinum, I like those 69's
Sending you a pm
If you have any Griffey's to trade I know I have a few Teheran might have some of the others
I have a teheran auto in my org. If you need it let me know and we can hammer out a trade
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