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Full Version: Hobby Challenge: Make fun of your collection
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Poking around our hockey forums yesterday afternoon, I stumbled across a thread entitled "HILARIOUS hockey cards! Post em here!" Member tha penguin opened the online floodgates and encouraged fellow collectors to join in on the fun by posting scans of their favorite funny cards with interpretive commentary.

The concept of comedic cards isn't necessarily newfangled. The guys over at have been at it for quite some time, and we actually run a segment entitled "Comedic Cards" in Beckett Sports Card Monthly on a semi-regular basis. But we're curious to see what collectors can dig up and dig at from their own binders.

- Go through your personal collection and your favorite comedic cards (intentionally funny or otherwise).
- Come up with a caption or comment with your creative interpretation (keep it clean).
- Post your submission(s) in the appropriate forum (below) or email them to
- Football
- Hockey
- Baseball
- Basketball
- Racing

We'll review the submissions and consider them for print along with your name/username in the appropriate Beckett magazines. Depending on the participation and interest level, the opportunity for hobby prizes could pop up in the near future. In the meanwhile, pull out those binders and start scouring for those chuckle-makers.

"Who farted?"

[Image: luongoaunucks1.jpg]
"Whatever you do, DON'T FART!!!"
[Image: 2-21-201235628PMLarge.jpg]
Two captions in and we already seem to have a common theme going Smile
(02-21-2012, 09:12 PM)irbefan4life Wrote: [ -> ]Two captions in and we already seem to have a common theme going Smile
Haha, I was looking through my donation pile and came accross that one and laughed because I saw the expression on the goalies face and remembered your Luongo post at the same time... hahaha
I like Wally's uni-brow.
It's almost a Batman symbol... lol
(02-21-2012, 12:21 PM)irbefan4life Wrote: [ -> ]"Who farted?"

[Image: luongoaunucks1.jpg]

(02-21-2012, 03:54 PM)tha penguin Wrote: [ -> ]"Whatever you do, DON'T FART!!!"
[Image: 2-21-201235628PMLarge.jpg]

[Image: 07ianwhite14of100.jpg]

Ugh!! One too many breakfast burritos....

They started it!

BTW - are we going to have to repost all the one's from the original thread again??

I sent a PM asking if I should do that or if I should let it be open to new ones only... waiting for reply.
[Image: BetterThanCowTights1.jpg]

"MJ Tribute"
[Image: hanlon.jpg]

"Cowabunga dude!"
[Image: grier_display_image.jpg?1302188439]

"Ping pong anyone?"
[Image: ns-iggy-pingpong.jpg]

"Munchkins like hockey too!"
[Image: 2128253480_d73b3b15f1.jpg?v=0]

"Heyyyy ladies"
[Image: rc-thornton.jpg]

"I heard you were looking for a babysitter!"
[Image: AndersHedberg_display_image.jpg?1302187663]

"Ahhhh, the memories..."
[Image: hasek_display_image.jpg?1302097548]

"It does taste better"
[Image: Olaf-Kolzig-Hot-Dog-Card.jpg]

[Image: cf604c5c-70e1-4e14-a15f-0a6c735e8de4.jpg]
Best Hotdogs in the league right here
[Image: Olaf-Kolzig-Hot-Dog-Card.jpg]

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