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Full Version: Hobby Challenge: Make fun of your collection
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The concept of comedic cards isn't necessarily newfangled. The guys over at have been at it for quite some time, and we actually run a segment entitled "Comedic Cards" in Beckett Sports Card Monthly on a semi-regular basis. But we're curious to see what collectors can dig up and dig at from their own binders.

- Go through your personal collection and your favorite comedic cards (intentionally funny or otherwise).
- Come up with a caption or comment with your creative interpretation (keep it clean).
- Post your submission(s) in the appropriate forum (below) or email them to
- Football
- Hockey
- Baseball
- Basketball
- Racing

We'll review the submissions and consider them for print along with your name/username in the appropriate Beckett magazines. Depending on the participation and interest level, the opportunity for hobby prizes could pop up in the near future. In the meanwhile, pull out those binders and start scouring for those chuckle-makers.

Loved this when Iverson was at Denver. Too close to a Columbine style outfit.
Iverson says: "Give me a title or else!"
[Image: STA60060.jpg]

Chris Webber "The Butcher" looking to kill a live chicken:
[Image: STA60058.jpg]

Karl Malone "The Chemist" Just don't know what to say about this...poor little lab rat...that isn't Stockton is it?
[Image: STA60059.jpg]

These cards were issued in the Taiwan area through a fast-food joint called "Big Rooster" (similar to KFC here in the US). Buy a value meal, get a pack of 3 card. Even licenced by the NBA.
For a complete album of the cards, go here:

I always thought All-Star games were supposed to be friendly.
Kung-Fu has since been outlawed in the NBA...
[Image: dickkick.jpg]
i'm rofl! nice evolb!

whoa, chris webber looks like a serial killer!
(02-21-2012, 11:33 PM)filamuraireborn Wrote: [ -> ]i'm rofl! nice evolb!

whoa, chris webber looks like a serial killer!
Hahaha, glad you got a Kick out of that one!
(02-21-2012, 11:54 PM)evolb909 Wrote: [ -> ]Hahaha, glad you got a Kick out of that one!
HA!!! That one is all around AWESOME!!!
Mr. Vasquez, can you put in writing in a short sentence of what you think about coming into the NBA and who do you think has the worst signature in the league.

and the response from Mr. Vasquez was...
[Image: CIMG0651-1.jpg]
Nice legs, do you shave or wax?

[Image: 1992-93UpperDeck116JohnStockton-1.jpg]
This card always bothered me when i was a kid.
The guy in the background. comments peoples?

[Image: 1992-93UpperDeck149ScottSkiles-2.jpg]
Yep! White men cant jump!!

[Image: 1992-93UpperDeck414BrentPriceRC.jpg]
"Sorry what? The what? I can't hear a... wait a minute, there's some guy here trying to take my picture for a trading card or something unimportant like that..."
[Image: gary-payton-draft-card2.jpg]
"We think you're cool too MJ!!!!"
[Image: classic-cartoon-valentines-day-cards-36.jpg?w=500&h=675]
"Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, touches this basketball!!!"
[Image: funny-sports-card-41.jpg]
'Hey Guys check out my awesome Amar'e Stoudemire PC!'

[Image: scan0014.jpg]

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