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Full Version: Flat out Panini sucks..........
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I truly am fed up with Panini. This is not just another ***** thread, it is justified (IMO), and I have had it with them story. I absolutely loved Dominion and stuck up for them when the debate started against The Cup or Dominion, I gave Dominion a huge thumbs up for their first try. However, as you can see from my username, I crack most likely some of the most wax of anyone on here (not that it is important, or means anything special), but seriously since Dominion, their products have been horrible this year. I can sum it up by three words, "watered down releases". I give them the following grades, Certified, 1/10, Limited 5/10, Crown Royale 3.5/10, Pinnacle 6.5/10 and Score 7/10 for their price alone at 30 a box. I will give you my quick Crown Royale opinion after I just cracked a case. My case hits were a Joe Colborne Silhouettes /99 and a Valteri Fippula Coats of Arms patch /25. I had (3) Geoffrion Heirs to throne jersey cards, (3) Joe Vitale auto rookies and some other multi cards duplicates. It is called coalition Panini. I did not come close to a base set and there are only 2 Scratching the Surface autos per case this year. Do not get me wrong I do not expect an RNH in every other pack, but I do expect s few more "hits" per case and the duplication just seems to be laziness on Panini's belhalf. Their redemptions are a joke. I mean why should I phone them to tell them Vasynov (sorry for spelling) unfortuneatly passed away (RIP), and will not be signing anymore cards. You should have people working for you that know enough about the sports that you flog. Pick a replacement and ship it. By the way I also have approx. 20 others outstanding and some are real old. Anyway, I think they have totally watered down all this years product to save the "good stuff" for Dominion. Panini, stick to soccer or get some lessons in customer service and product knowledge. I am in control and am now officially boycotting their products. I took about a $1200 hickey on this case and its no ones fault but my own. Sorry for the long rant.
Reason #6,574 why I just by the cards I want.

(02-17-2012, 10:36 PM)pens fan addict Wrote: [ -> ]Reason #6,574 why I just by the cards I want.
I'm getting pretty close to doing the same.
(02-17-2012, 10:36 PM)pens fan addict Wrote: [ -> ]Reason #6,574 why I just by the cards I want.
I know, that is only common sense. I crack wax because it is a release for me and I have had a very hard time medically the last 2 years and this used to give me some fun. I guess maybe I should find another thing to do that will bring me some pleasure (careful). Anyway, I know it is a form of gambling.
I have primarily buying gamers......your always getting a 1/1!
That is why I also stick tot he handful of players I like. For fun, I just bought six packs of UD Series One at Target and manged to get virtually the same pack three times with nobodies. Then I remember why I don't buy packs.
i dislike panini as well....from their amateur-ish designs-to the cards not being worth much- to the cluttered look to almost drives me crazy...

i cant stand how they went from freaking stickers to being the main company of sports cards....they are junk for the most part and i wish they'd get better or get gone....
Yep I stopped busting wax all together cause of to many similiar expereiences
From all the horror stories I have heard on here about Panini I will not buy their products.
i've been pretty happy with Panini.

Other than Certified all of their products have been improvements over last year's IMO

As well their promotions at the all-star game were miles better than Upper Deck's
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