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Full Version: REGISTRY IS UP - Proceed with Caution
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Not sure how temporary this is but clicked on Registry this morning as I do practically every day to see if the site is up and it actually is. I don't see any changes and probably a good guess this is not the new registry development has supposedly been working on, but I'll take it and it will accept new cards.
Update to what I just wrote, I spoke too soon. It only accepted some cards, white-screened with others. It also created single card registries for the few I entered. When I deleted the single card registry, it deleted the entire Basic Set Registry (50 or so cards) that the single cards was associated with.
Its up for me now, but I am not going to do anything in it yet
ARRRGGGHHH!!! I tried to add a card to my set and noticed it made a new registry for that single player card instead of adding it to my set!!! I then deleted that single card and it DELETED MY ENTIRE REGISTRY FOR THAT SET!!!!!! BASTARDS!!! Now it will not allow me to even make a new registry for the set, only allows for single card registries...ugggghhh! SO DAMN FRUSTRATING!!