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I'm not sure if there will be any interest in this card, but I got it as an extra in a purchase I made. It is a 2004-05 ITG Corey Locke Patch card from the Chicago Sportsfest, numbered 1/1. I'm picky about the condition of my cards, and there is a crease that runs from the upper left corner of the swatch to the edge of the card. I don't have any need for the card, but if there is a player or set collector that does, let me know.

[Image: 002-10.jpg]
Well if no one else wants it I'll take it. Smile
I was going to say the samething roussy!! You beat me to it.
hahaha sorry bud. Smile We could swing a deal ;P LOL
(02-17-2012, 11:07 AM)roussy35 Wrote: [ -> ]Well if no one else wants it I'll take it. Smile
PM your address and I'll get it out ASAP
The amount of time I spend on here and I miss this... geez, lol
hahahaha happens to me all the time
Congrats on the card!!
Thank you!
nice card