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Full Version: Showing Off....
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Just here to show my newest addition, came in the mail today.

[Image: P2170133.jpg]

Nuff Said. Smile
Insanity... bro, you need a scanner... BAD!!!
(02-17-2012, 03:25 AM)tha penguin Wrote: [ -> ]Insanity... bro, you need a scanner... BAD!!!
I know... tell me about it haha. Oh you just did, right well ill shut up then lol. Im a poxy student scanners arent on my list of things to do yet haha.
I bought a 3-in-one from someone because the ink was out for $20
Still works as a scanner Big Grin
:O thats awesome. I doubt id come across a deal like that, but id totally snap that up if i did haha.
Who needs a scanner when you can save up for cards like that Thornton instead, haha
Haha yeah but for $20 id buy the scanner so i can boast in Hi Res haha.
Here's your banner brother!!!

After Joe Thornton serial #'d 1's
[Image: nemesisbanner2.gif]
Joe Thornton (222) - Logan Couture (19) - Antti Niemi (28)
Owen Nolan (11) - Jason Demers (7) - T.J.Galiardi (14)
Joe Thornton Serial #'d 01/xx (16)

Awesome pickup Steve!!! Even better banner (good job Carl!) .........oh and you definitely need a scanner. Smile
great pick up!!
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