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Full Version: LeBron James rookie #40/50 HELP
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I pulled a Topps LeBron James rookie card that has a stamp indention of Topps Original 2003-04 and on the back of the card it is numbered in pen 40/50. Does anyone know about this card and maybe what it is worth? To see pictures go to photobucket and look at Bigmurph2011 photo album.
I can't see your pictures? You might want to try a picture hosting site like photobucket, its pretty easy to set up and its free.
never heard of or seen this card.
im guessing they were buybacks and topps put the stamp and the hand numbering on the card, i would think it would fetch a pretty penny.
I'm not so sure I want to get ride of it just yet. If I did want to trade it I would like to know what it is worth first, but I still would be open to offers once I found that out.
this is the card:

2004-05 Bowman Original Rookies #221 LeBron James 03Topps/50