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Full Version: Vitale PC Grid Showoff
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Well I am a bit bored and since I havent gotten any Gamers in the mail in the last 6 hours....figured Id show off my new Vitale PC to date. I still have a few on the you'll see.

[Image: JOEVITALEPCGRID_crop1.jpg]
[Image: JOEVITALEPCGRID_crop2.jpg]
[Image: JOEVITALEPCGRID3_crop.jpg]

Thanks for the look!

Utter craziness Hugh!!!
Stunning, Hugh!!! Love the Phenoms cards!

Awesome collection Hugh!!! I actually can't believe I have a card that you don't have. Hope your able to get them all as Vitale has really proved himself this year and hopefully will be with the Pens for awhile.
Those 09-10s are really sharp.

How do you guys make these grids? Would it be simple for me to make one in Photoshop (experienced user) or is there a template you can use in Microsoft Word to make it easier or something like that?
Nice collection. I really like how you and others lay them out in this type of grid.
pretty cool

best of luck in your pc finds