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Anybody interested in getting a custom avatar or banner made up for their Beckett account? Take a look around the boards and you will see plenty done by myself in the past.

Contact me via inbox if interested.

Got a baby on the way so donations are accepted with open arms!
Quality work assured! He did mine and im stoked with it! Big Grin
Another one done today Big Grin

[Image: HCHbanner2.gif]
Was wondering if you might hook me up with something Flyers? Past, present, and future if possible.

I've made attempts at doing my own, but I'm horrible at it. I wouldn't mind one Smile I don't need any animations or anything...just something simple and clean of Oshie and the Blues Logo (not alt. logo). Maybe just some kinda text saying slufan83...collecting T.J. Oshie.

If you get some free time, I would be grateful Smile
I'm trying to make a website for my collection and would love a banner for that. Would leave it up to you as your artistic ability seems much great than mine hehe
PM sent to you all
awesome banners, would love an Oilers one with the current stars hall, eberle, RNH, hemsky gagner, smyth
Any chance of getting another Ron Hextall banner with Hexy in a Flyers, Islanders and Nordiques uniform?
Hey Carl! I have to say that the work you did on Steve's (Nemesis7777) banner is awesome, and I might just have to jump on the bandwagon! If you can hook me up with a Halak or Habs banner (I know... I know...) then you can request something from my Org. I know that I don't have any Pens for you yet... but I will keep them open.

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