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Full Version: Another SP Authentic Break
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Decided to bust another one because I couldn't wait until Contender's tomorrow, I think it was a pretty good break.

Cameron Heyward Sign of the Times
[Image: 76AA0FE3.jpg]

Greg Little 3 Color Rookie Auto Patch 240/699
[Image: 5D91CDBB.jpg]

And then I forgot to mention I did hit another SPX pack, 2 base were Thurman Thomas 168/350 and Aaron Rodgers 265/350 and the auto was this beauty 25/150.....

[Image: 9F440BC3.jpg]
Are u moving that little
Sweet break. Like the Hayward alot.
Nice Hayward!!!!!!!
that was a solid break.... sweet looking Locker.
It is but I doubt I have anything else to pry that Green rookie patch from you. Check me anyways and maybe we can work something out.
(02-16-2012, 01:06 AM)titan fan Wrote: [ -> ]Are u moving that little
Very nice break!I wish I had something for that Little since hes actually in his UNC uni
Nice Locker hit! And sweet Little patch.
Wait, there's whole PACKS of SPX? First i've heard of this - sounds cool! Got any scans? Love to see your Tittle. LOL
Pretty sweet box! Is the Locker for trade? If so check me on it. Thanks!
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