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I opened 2 boxes of this amazing product and couldn't be happier with the outcome. Here are the autograph pulls along with a couple SPx numbered base cards. Sorry about the shitty pics, I couldn't find my camera so the iPad had to suffice.

Cam Newton SPx #39/150
[Image: 6d3072a6.jpg]
[Image: 2a379306.jpg]
Jake Locker Rookie auto patch #144/299 3 color(love this card!)
[Image: 5737bd75.jpg]
SPx Aaron Rodgers #249/350 and John Elway #135/350
[Image: 2783300c.jpg]
Ronald Johnson Signature Threads #74/99
[Image: 3132ba7d.jpg]
Terrance Tolliver Rookie auto patch #116/699 3 color
[Image: 79d2a14b.jpg]
Cameron Jordon Sign of the Times # 07/10
[Image: 3d1a7251.jpg]

I am debating selling the Locker auto and possibly the Newton but I don't know if I can part with them! I will probably be buying more of this soon because of how nice it is, even the base cards are great!
Yea I love it, great looking product
Sick newton
If you decide I am interested in Ronald Johnson Auto
can you check me for the 2 SPA patch autos please.
that Locker is really nice and you cant beat pulling a Cam. congrats